Indicators That Summer Journalism Camp Is the Right Choice for Your Children

Summer journalism camp is a perfect choice for boys and girls who feel as though a career in journalism will suit them, but not every adolescent always has a clear indicator of his or her career choices. A parent who is tuned into his or her children's interests and overall nature can suggest the right type of co-ed summer camp in England, and journalism camp might be a perfect fit for your kids. Journalism camp gives children a chance to learn about writing, photography and videography, editing, and news production, and may bolster a casual interest in this topic to convince a child that this is the right career for him or her. If these indicators are present, enrolling your children in journalism camp is a good choice.

Appetite for the News

It's easy to tell if your children have an appetite for news of any type. A child may come home from school and sit on the couch to read the daily newspaper, or a child may enjoy watching the local TV news broadcast before dinner. Don't overlook children's interest in non-traditional news sources. For example, a child may have a number of news-related apps on his or her smartphone and enjoy reading stories and watching news clips in this manner. Or, a child may be a voracious reader of blogs about a particular topic, whether it's sports, fashion, or pop culture.

Interest in Writing/Photography

Children who demonstrate interest in writing, photography, videography, and other journalism-related topics can also be perfect candidates for journalism camp. This type of co-ed summer camp can be perfect for helping children to refine their skills. For example, a budding photographer might enjoy snapping selfies and candid images of friends, but need some direction in terms of how to shoot photos journalistically. Lessons and plenty of time dedicated to practice can help the child to become a skilled photographer.

Desire to Be Published

Many children will decide to set up blogs or online photo albums to share their work with friends, but attending journalism camp can put your children on the fast track to getting published by an independent news source. For example, a child who wants to write opinion pieces about local events, perhaps from a teen's perspective, might be able to get a regular column with the local newspaper. Similarly, a teen who enjoys taking photos may get a chance to submit some images to a local publication for use. If your children have indicated a desire to get their work published, this can be the right summer camp choice.