Tips For Starting A Fire When You Are Camping

When you are on a camping trip, being able to quickly start a fire can be essential to your comfort and safety. However, starting a fire can be surprisingly difficult, and individuals that are not prepared or experienced with starting a campfire can struggle with this basic task. The following tips can make this task easier for you. 

Invest in Easy-To-Use Fire Starting Equipment

Using a lighter or matches may seem like it will be an effective option for starting your campfire. However, these tools can be extremely vulnerable to water and other types of damage. Additionally, these devices may not be particularly well-suited to igniting wood and kindling. Rather, you might want to invest in a high-quality camping fire starting tool, such as BG compact fire starter camping gear. These devices are specially designed to be able to easily ignite small pieces of wood, and they are built to be extremely water resistant. In the event that this device was to get wet, it can be disassembled so that it will be able to rapidly dry.

Properly Contain The Fire

Individuals that are new to using camping fires may fail to appreciate the fact that the flames from the fire can quickly spread out of control. A basic but effective way of helping to reduce this risk is to use a ring of stones to help contain the flames. Also, you will need to position the fire so that there are no branches or trees overhead. Otherwise, embers from the flame could float upward where they could ignite the tree.

Ensure Any Kindling Or Wood Is Extremely Dry

When gathering kindling and wood for the fire, it is important to avoid using materials that are even slightly damp. This could severely increase the difficulty of getting these materials to ignite, and it can decrease your comfort by causing more smoke to be produced. One of the first things you should do when arriving at the camping site is to gather your materials for the fire. If all of the nearby materials are damp, this can allow you to lay these materials out so that they can dry out.

Avoid Smothering The New Fire

In the court of getting a camping fire started, individuals will often be impatient to build a roaring fire. This can lead to them putting too much kindling and other materials on the small fire. When this mistake is made, the flames may be denied the oxygen that they need. In addition to making it harder to get the fire started, this can also increase the risk of it going out prematurely. As you add fuel to the fire, you will want to do it in an extremely gradual way.