Staying Warm In Your Tent At Night During Cold Weather

Trying to sleep in your tent during cold weather can make camping miserable. It's also not safe to use certain types of heating inside your tent or leave an unsupervised fire going all night outside your tent. However, you can stay warm in your tent without a lot of effort or safety issues. Here are some ways to keep warm inside your tent during a cold night.

Get the Right Sleeping Bag

Make sure your sleeping bag has a good rating to hold up to the lowest possible temperatures around your campsite. Also, make sure your bag is waterproof, or at least water-resistant.

Line Your Sleeping Bag

If you don't have a sleeping bag designed for cold weather, or you don't want to pack a large, bulky bag, then you should invest in a sleeping bag lining. These linings come in different types of material, but fleece is often the best for warmth and durability.

Waterproof Your Tent

If your tent is letting water leak through to the inside, then you will be cold no matter what you do. Make sure your tent is either waterproof or has a waterproof cover or deflector.

Use a Sleeping Mat

Sleeping mats provide exceptional comfort and some insulation at night. Stay away from inflatable mattresses during the winter because they tend to be much colder, especially if they are more than a couple of inches off the ground.

Have a Hot Water Bottle

Warming up a hot water bottle and placing it under or near your sleeping bag is an old-fashioned way to stay warm at night. However, make sure that bottle is well sealed, or you could end up cold and wet.

Invest in a Tent Heater

Several inside-the-tent heaters are available on the market to warm up your tent before you are ready to bed. These heaters should only be used while you are awake. Do not use gas-powered, outdoor lamps or heaters inside a closed area such as your tent.

Wear a Hat and Socks to Bed

Put a nice knitted hat on your head and knitted socks on your feet to ensure that they both will stay warm throughout the night. On top of those two things, you might also want to invest in a warm pair of pajamas as well.

When you have a good night's sleep, then you will be ready for any hiking or outdoor activity the next day. Staying warm can also keep you healthier and more comfortable overall. If you need to add cold-weather outdoor gear for camping to your ensemble, then contact a camping supply retailer to gear up.