How To Say Goodbye To Your Child Before He/She Leaves For Overnight Camp

When your child is ready to head to an overnight camp for the first time, it's easy to view this milestone as an indicator that your child is growing up. This concept might be in your mind when it's time to say goodbye to the child, and you may feel somewhat emotional. It's important to be mindful of how you say goodbye to your child. He or she might be feeling a bit nervous on the eve of this departure, and you want to possess the presence that will help your son or daughter to feel confident as he or she heads off to camp. [Read More]

Tips For Starting A Fire When You Are Camping

When you are on a camping trip, being able to quickly start a fire can be essential to your comfort and safety. However, starting a fire can be surprisingly difficult, and individuals that are not prepared or experienced with starting a campfire can struggle with this basic task. The following tips can make this task easier for you.  Invest in Easy-To-Use Fire Starting Equipment Using a lighter or matches may seem like it will be an effective option for starting your campfire. [Read More]